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P Dubie's Blood World

Let's build a snowman!

Paul Duberstine
3 October 1982
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In case you couldn't read the stuff above, I'm Paul from Kenosha. I don't act my age at all, but that's fine with me. You're only as old as you feel, I says. Some other guy probably said that, too. Maybe Popeye right before he knocks Bluto's teeth out or something. I dunno.

I come from the streets. Not the streets like in the gang movies. Just some streets. A mommy street and a daddy street loved each other very much, had sex, and I was born 9 months later. You know all those intersections? Those are streets having sex. The three road streets are kinky.

At the very least, I can say that I am alive. Living's good, I guess. Better than dying, I suppose.

I really need to get out more. I'm becoming content with the way things are, and that can't happen. I need to go out and get what I want, but it's 4am as I write this, so I'll just sleep on it.

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